Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Playing along with Sbloggers meme :

Sblogger has started a meme. The rules are as follows :

The Rules:
1. Once you are tagged, you must write up short review for 5 blogs that you read regularly, including the blog of the person that tagged you.

2. Leave a comment tagging the blogs you've reviewed, telling them to continue the meme.

3. If someone writes a review of your blog, you must respond by writing a review of their blog (unless you've already written one for them).

4. After a few days, you must write a post compiling what all the other bloggers say about you, good or bad, true or untrue

Ok, so here I go....Aside from "Kirida", and Harry whom I met through blogging, I have never met any of the other bloggers listed below in person, but through reading thier blogs I feel like I've formed some sort of bond with them and consider them my friends :)

bigsoxfan: Reading his blog transports me to another world. I can't imagine living in a place that gets that cold or where I couldn't find a decent pork chop but I enjoy his adventures and the way he shares them with us through his blog stories and pictures. He has a beautiful family too!

Glen558: I read Glen before I read the news papers. He always has his take on the headlines of the day and he's always spot on. Plus, I love his body of art photos! They have inspired me to save up to buy several gallons of body paint for my fiance to paint the palauan flag across my ass.....ha ha ha ha (sorry mom, i'm joking!)

Kirida : My sister in laws sister, so we're related :) She's got mad writing skills!!! and a gorgeous son! I love her blog!

The Beachcomber :Great blogs about spondylus and its significance in the local culture. He makes some beautiful necklaces and shares them with us through his pictures and stories of their meaning. I have no clue who he is, but I'm a fan of his work!

Harry : Although he is sadly MIA and will not participate in this meme, I have to include him because it was his blog that inspired me to start blogging. I am sorely missing his underwater photos...most especially the turtles and hope he finishes up his book and gets back to blogging again soon! In the meantime Ive been lurking on his wife Kelly's blog since she recently posted some turtle shots :)

Saipan Blogger : He tagged me. I may not agree with everything he says (especially when it pertains to my bro and his girl or correcting people's grammer :) but I enjoy reading his blog and I truley admire the dedication he has toward keeping our island beautiful and all the hours of voluntary time he puts into to Beautify projects. There are a lot of people who talk about keeping this island beautiful, but very few who will put their money where their mouth is.

OK...Tag your it!

PS: spell check is still not working so excuse my typo's, misspelled words, etc...


bigsoxfan said...

Sweet, Several gallons of paint to cover your butt?? Best post of the month. lets all have fun..

lil_hammerhead said...

You do realize you posted reviews about six blogs right?

Tamara said...

Yes, I know I reviewed six. Punks are allowed to do that (break the rules). I chose 5 and I reviewed the person who tagged me. When you become a punk, you can break the rules too!

Till then STFU...I keed, I keed!

I enjoy your blog too..It cracks me up!

The Beachcomber said...

Awww...thanks. I think my posts speak to the artist as much as the nerd in you. Please give me some time to answer your tags (two now!) since I have been away. I saw you at your office yesterday (Didn't know you worked there). Should've said hi...tee hee!

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