Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok, I'm doing some free advertising here. Have you ever been to Expressions?? The first I ever heard of the store was on Valentine's Day when my sister in law was telling me where I could get delicious chocolate covered coffee beans. I loveeeeeee chocolate covered coffee beans and ever since the little chocolate shop next to Unity Trade (the name escapes me) closed, its been impossible to find them on Saipan and I have to stock up at the Chocolate Factory in Guam. However, on my last trip to Guam I was in tears when I realized the Chocolate Factory at GPO was no longer there. Anyway, where was I?? Oh yes, Expressions. So any how, my sister in law told me about this place next door to Coffee Care where I could get some, so this weekend I went to check it out. They have a good selection of candies there such as Chocolate covered raspberries, rum raisins, jelly beans, peanut brittle, etc. etc. You can buy in what ever quantity you wish..One pound, half a pound, quarter pound. A pound runs about $10.00 for most of the selections. The chocolate covered Coffee beans were $13.00 a pound, but worth every penny! They are DELICIOUS!

They also have an amazing selection of stamping and scrap booking supplies if your into that. I have also wanted to learn, so I signed up for the next course (the owner gives lessons too). I'm excited and can't wait for her to email me to let me know when it will be.

The lady at the counter (I think she was the owner, but I didn't get her name) told me the store had been there for two years now. Two years???? I pass that road every day on my way to work and had never noticed it before. They don't have a very good sign. They don't have any actually..just a few decals on the door.

Anyway, if you love candy and/or stamping, scrapbooking or crafting, you need to check it out!!!

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Beverly said...

The Java Jazz Cordial is the best!! I love Expressions!