Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!

Didja miss me???

Well, im back from Guam. It was a fun trip! Spent too much money though..ha ha.Kids had a blast! I'm glad to be home! That 2:30am flight is killer especially when your already exhausted from shopping. I took a ton of photo's.

Two observations first off, Guam has Fisheye and Big John, why can't we???

Fish eye is awesome. Although I must admit, I wanted to eat half those fish and bbq was the first thing that came to mind when the skipjack swam by...ha ha, I keed! I Keed! But honestly, I wish we had something like this out here. It's great for us non-scuba divers and I think we have a lot more varieties of fish and sea life in general for our tourists and locals to look at..
What would it take?? I wish I had that Million Dollars :)

This is BIG JOHN. He's just a simple man with a Carabao.
Big John brings his Carabao up to inarajan hill and hangs out to greet the tourists. They absolutely love him!!! He let's them pet his Carabao, take pictures with him and even gives them rides on him. How cool is that? Everyone usually leaves a tip of a dollar to five on the Carabao's nose. I bet he makes pretty good tips. He's a really nice guy too. Will tell you a little story about Inarajan and its history. He wouldn't take our $5 tip when he found out we were from Saipan and Ulu knew his sister.
Made me wonder about the guy I saw in Papago the other day..why doesn't he do the same thing. Hang out over at Bonzai or Last Command post and Greet the tourits and at the same time make some $$$$

Leave it to Vali to find some way to make us all laugh over a pile of Carabao Crap..ha ha ha!


G'ma said...

Yes, I missed Ya!!!! Had no one to share my morning coffee and go 'Sabalu' Marketing with. Nice pictures, and I know the kids had a ball. I still say, you should've brought back Miri's left-over juicy steak from LoneStar (?)...hehehe
Good to have you back!
Love Ya!

glend558 said...

Missed you too!

The Beachcomber said...

Hey! I was on Guahan too! Welcome back and Happy Valentines!