Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday Food Fest VI

Today's recipe is for Oka. Oka is the Samoan version of Sashimi or Poki. It's absolutely YUMMY!

Recipe Ingredients

4 nice size filet's of Mahi Mahi or Yellow Fin Tuna
* You can use other types of fish, but I find a white meat fish works best. Bonita Tuna (Not sure what other name it goes by) tends to be too bloody and does not taste as good when made into Oka.

1 Can of Coconut Milk (or about 2-3 cups of fresh squeezed coconut milk)
2 Med. sized cucumbers
10-15 Cherry Tomatoes
4 Lemons
2 tsps. of Salt

Recipe Method

Chop the fish filet's into small bite size cubes
Cut cumbers in half length wise and clean out the seeds.
Then cut them length wise again (you should have four long pieces). Which you then chop into bite size pieces.
Cut Cherry tomatoes in half
In a bowl mix the fish, cucumbers, tomatoes and coconut milk.
Squeeze in the juice of all 4 lemons, being careful not to get any seeds in.
Add your salt and mix everything together.

You can eat this right away, but I like mine better after is been refrigerated for about an hour and the lemon and coconut milk has had a chance to really soak into the raw fish.

It may sound like a strange recipe, but I guarantee you this is a light, refreshing and delicious way to eat fish!!!!

Bon Appetit!


bigsoxfan said...

gonna pass on this one, but I'll save the link, for the day we return to a land with navigable waterways.

Look for a yummy cold salad recipe on Sunday. Assuming my internet company gets on the ball.

me said...

I am certain this is good Tamara. I may just ask the Missus to try your recipe. Great for Lenten Fridays.