Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I LOVE Halloween! It's my second favorite Holiday after Christmas. For as long
as I can remember I have always dressed up on Halloween. Well, actually before
I could dress myself, my mom would dress my brothers and I up. Which is kinda funny if you think about it, because Halloween was not a very popular holiday growing up in Saipan. In fact, I think we were one of only three or four family's that actually celebrated the occasion back then.

My brothers and I dressed in costumes hand made by my grandmother. My mother dressed us in these every Halloween till we outgrew them. Rob outgrew his, so he got to be spiderman this year. :)

We lived at the Coast Guard station (now PIC Hotel) with a few other families, so we trick or treated at each others house. When more families began moving here from the US and residing on Capital Hill, that became the HOT spot for trick or treating! The last time I actually had kids young enough to Trick or Treat, the Hot spot was the La Fiesta Mall...whooa, i'm old!

When we outgrew the costume's my grandmother made for us, we got to dress however we wanted (or with whatever we could find around the house as you can tell from my pajama's and ballet tutu glen's using as his clown getup...he he)

Most kids love the holiday because it's the one time of year they have more candy than they can possibly eat. But for me, I love the fact that I get to get dressed up and become someone/something else for the day. It must be the actress in me..ha ha... I was never big on candy (aside from pop rocks which to this day I still LOVE!)

The past 7 years I have had my staff dress up on Halloween Day. We decorate our office for the occasion, and we all come to work in costume, give out candy to our customers and then have a little pot luck lunch. It's always lots of fun, for me and for our customers, and i'm always excited and looking forward to seeing how my staff will dress up.

So anyway, with Halloween being right around the corner, I'm trying to decide what or who I should be this past years I have been

An 80's Club Girl (sitting on Big Mamma's lap)

On year I was Medusa (made the snake headdress myself :)

and last year I was a wild cat..rwarrrr!

I've also done Angel, Hula girl, Dark Angel (black), and disgruntled housewife...Thank God I couldn't find the picture of that..he he..

Anyway, I need ideas!!!! Help! I really want to do something original this year, so if you have any ideas, drop me a line!

Edit: I found the "dark angel" photo..he he