Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Move over "Rock of Love"

I've found a new Love....SINGING BEE with Joey Fatone (you remember him from Nsync?!).

It's a karaoke showdown and I'm the biggest "closet Karaoke Star" !!! I love love love this show!
This is the way the show works..

Round 1
The host would provide the year the song was released, the performer, and the name of the song. A portion of the song is performed, and then the contestant has to attempt to sing the next line of the song. If correct, they advance to the next round, and a new song is introduced, which the next contestant in line must attempt; if not, they have to step back, and the next person in line tries the same song. A song is thrown out if none of the remaining contestants get the lyric correct. The first three people who get a song lyric correct move on to the second round

Round 2

While the band is performing, the contestant sees the words to the song in karaoke fashion. As the contestant sings the song, he or she will also see blanks, each representing a word in the song. The player who fills in the most blanks correctly (out of a possible 15) wins and goes on to the Championship Round.

Championship Round
This follows a similar format to the first round, but instead of singing a line, the contestant is required to sing the entire chorus without mistakes from the song performed. If both are correct or incorrect (sometimes after two rounds), then they go to a tie breaker, where they are given the year and the name of the performer and the first person to buzz in will be given the option of singing or passing. If the singer is correct, they win. If the singer is wrong, the other contestant wins.

The winner moves on to the Final Countdown.

The Final Countdown
Up to 7 songs are performed in a similar manner to the first round. For each song lyric that is sung correctly, the player wins $5,000. If the player gets five right, then they are awarded the $50,000 grand prize. However, if they sing a lyric incorrectly, a strike is given. If three strikes are given at any point, the game is over, but the contestant still wins whatever money was accumulated up to that point.

Now my only problem is....will MCV air the show on the same day at the same time each week??? (Tuesday nights at 8:30) Who knows??? Their programing is so unpredictable??? Guess I will just have to tune in again next Tuesday and find out...till then I need to hone up on my Karaoke skillz!

*singing* Her name is Rio, and she dances on the sand, just like that river .... :)~


lil_hammerhead said...

OMG!!! You are kidding me. I watched this show and couldn't believe it was actually a show that someone actually invested money in to produce! Watch "Mad Men" or something "well done" for jeep sakes. (whatever that means)

Tamara said...

Nope, Im not kidding *singing* Yakity, Yak, don't talk back!

I hardly watch tv...CSI Miami, 48 hours and Rock of Love (cause it's just so damn funny watching those girls try to turn on Bret Michaels...EW!)..

yeah what does that mean? I've read some of your comments and you sound more like a 50 year old man than a 23 year old female...for jeeps sake!!