Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, I hope my post ain't boring...

TGIF! It's going to be an awsome weekend! I can feel it!

I wasn't too sure what I should write about today..I thought about writing about
my frustration over my $600.00 -$700.00 a month power bill...but just the thought
of it gets me stressed and worked up and I'm in too good of a mood to let CUC get me
down! Not that there is a bright side to it, but I do have to thank God that it's gone down
from the $1,200.00 bill I got when they first changed the power rates..

Anyway, so i came across Mona's blog this morning and she gave me a great "about me" blog...It reminded me of the old "slang books" we use to pass around in High here goes my Slang Book page..

Name : Tamara Hunter

Gender : Fabulous Fearless Female

Age : 36 and counting

Screen Name : Hmmm...i don't have one but for the sake of this question, I will make one up..
"X Caine" (x cause its short for an old nickname of mine "xie" and Cain after my fav. CSI Horatio Caine )

Birthday : Sometime in January

Race : Palauan, Ulithian, Caucasian

School/Grade : Mt. Carmel Grade shool and High School, Saipan

Job : Currently Managing an Insurance Agency & Full time Mommy of three (although one is 99.5% out on her own already :)

Status : Recently Engaged (Sept. 1, 2007)

Hometown : San Antonio, Saipan

Current Town : Kagman!

Parents Still Together? Nope...Father left Saipan in '83 and passed away in 94' of cancer

Siblings : Three brothers

Pets : 2 Crazy Cool Cats (adopted from PAWS) Moli and Uliuli and two lovebirds, Snowstorm & Rainstorm

Smoker : Nope never have and never will...My mom put the fear of God in me when it came to smoking and to this day, I still think Im going to get a spanking if she catches me smoking..ha ha

Drinker : Occassionally, although not as much as I use to...a frozen Midori Margarita in a salted glass if your buying...if not, give me the cheapest beer! he he

Hair Color : Good question? At the moment its kind of a mousy brownish red

Is It Dyed? More times than i can remember

Eye Color : Green

Freckles : Hmm..I don't recal this question in my slang book, but yes, I do have freckles..

Body Type : Ha ha ha...The type that seriously needs Golds Gym!

Piercings : Three in my ears (one on one side, two on the other) and one in my tongue..

Want More : No, I think I have grown out of my piercing stage

Tattoos : 5. Maori Tribal wave around my belly button that hasn't seen the light of day in years..ha ha, heart on my lower back, Mermaid on my shoulder blade, My fiance's name on my other shoulder blade, 3 Hibiscus Flowers with my childrens names on my front thigh..

Want More : Yes, tattoo's are addictive...If they weren't so painful I'd probably have a whole underwater scene on my back...

Braces : No, never had them although I probably could have used some since I have the Madonna gap going on..

Overall Best Feature: ha ha ha...lets eyelashes, I thank my Palaun blood for that...I have nice long curly eyelashes!

Overall Worst Feature: Sheesh, Im suppose to be in a good mood today..ha ha....Lets see...My thunder thighs, I blame the Palauan blood on them too..he he

Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad? I think Im an equal combination of both!

Favorite Color : Blue

Favorite Animal : Hmm...probably turtles..Im fascinated with them!

Favorite Flower : Hibiscus...there are so many diffrent kinds and colors

Favorite Food : Sashimi! But I love all kinds of seafood...Crab, fish, shrimp...

Favorite Junk Food : Sunflower seeds..Im addicted!

Favorite Restaraunt : Lonestar on Guam...I Love Baked Sweet Potatoes! On Saipan, thats hard since we have some great places to eat..I love SOS @ Wild Bills, Spring Rolls @ Truongs, Sushi @ Sushi land and Miyako, Plate lunch @ Marg's, Seafood Buffet @ Fiesta Resort....I could go on and on...I love to eat!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor : Coffee

Favorite Candy : Pop Rocks!

Favorite Alcoholic Drink : See above (Midori Margarita)

Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink : Brewed Ice Tea

Favorite Genre of Music : Hmmm..I like diffrent stuff..If I had to choose one I'd probably go with Reggae

Favorite Band/Artist : I could never pick just one...I like Macy Gray, Prince, TLC, Eddie Grant....Old school stuff...but I like a lot of the funky stuff too like punjabi and Korean/Japanese pop

Favorite Song : Save the best for last, Vannessa Williams will proabably be my all time favorite

Favorite Type of Movie : Im a sucker for Romantic Comedies!

Favorite Movie : Hmmm...I have so many favorites but the first one that popped into my mind was the Goonies!

Favorite TV Show : Hands down CSI Miami!

Favorite Season of the Year : Summer

One thing you cant get enough of : Sunshine!

One thing you hate more than anything : Hmm...MY CUC bill! he he...

Have an adventurous weekend everyone!

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