Monday, September 10, 2007

The Main Characters...

Tatiana= Playing the part of the oldest Daughter. Favorite quote " Party like a Rock Star" . That and "Mom, please send me some money!". Currently residing in Seattle, Washington aboard the USCG "Polar Sea" (that's her on the right )

Savali= Playing the part of the only son. Hobbies include basketball, baseball, myspace and proclaiming his "sexiness" to anyone who will listen.

Mirika= Playing the role of the youngest daughter. Claim to fame, Dora the Explorer Look-a-like and Kagman Elementary School "Student of the Month" at least once every year since 1st grade and 3 times in the third grade!

Laloulu aka Ulu= Playing the part of the Fiance' aka Fancy aka Fantasy. Recently proposed on bended knee during his birthday party infront of family and friends as the sun set on ABT beach. *All together now* "Awwwwwwwwwwww!"

Moli (pronounced MOE-LEE) = Playing the part of the female cat. Adopted from PAWS, Moli has the distinction of being the CNMI's cutest one eyed cat! She is also, the only feline in the world known to have watched so much MTV that she mastered the "pop, lock it, drop it" move all on her own!

UliUli= Playing the part of Moli's brother. Has terrible manners! One day he overheard me telling my fiance' that I didn't need to go on a diet cause I only weighed 110lbs and he hasn't stopped laughing since (see picture below). I tried to give him back to PAWS after this incident but they had a "no return" policy...he he

Rainstorm & Snowstorm =Playing the part of the lovebirds. Other than keeping Uliuli entertained, eating, chirping and pooping, they don't do too much.

and last but not least....

Me : Playing the part of myself of course. Just about everything about me can be found to your right...anything else ya need to know, will probably reveal itself in this blog..if not, just ask!

The official "I LOVE MY ENGAGEMENT RING" photo

Not only do I have cats...I dress like them..ha ha

Stay tuned for more....

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