Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Funday

You know your going to have a totally awesome day when you plan to borrow a bush cutter from your cousin to clean your mom's yard and instead your cousin shows up with the bush cutter and two friends to help....yeah! The yard cleaning turned into a day of fun, family, jokes and an awesome BBQ with ribs, steak, sausages, roast pig, steamed fish with miso and ginger and a whole lot more....Yard cleaning is always so much more fun when it becomes a family event (of course that's easy for me to say since all I did was wrap the lumpia..he he)!

(Before) What a mess!

The Gardeners/Chefs

Will's Highway Fish with miso, ginger & onions steamed on the BarB with beer..YUM!


My expertly wrapped lumpia before it hit the fry pan :)

The lady's enjoying the beautiful lawn and delicious food!

Even the kids got in on the fun!

Awesome Day!


G'ma said...

It was indeed a FUNDAY...and I THANK everyone for a nice, cleaned, beautiful yard. My place looks inhabited again. THANK YOU! I think we need to have a 'thank you' BarB next weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

MMMMMAAAANNNN! posts like this make me wish i was home! MMMAAANNNN! GGRR!!