Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cool cats, cool kids, cool beans!

I adopted two of the coolest cats from PAWS!

Growing up I always had dogs, never cats..A few years ago, we got our first cat when we were bbq'ing at ABT and this little grey cutie strolled up to us..My kids were instantly attached..I wasn't...they begged to keep her and I told them if she was still hanging around us when it was time to go home, we would take her...and we did. We named her fufi fufi. Fufi was an outside cat (because she wasn't potty trained at all and would not go in the nice, fresh scented litter box). We had fufi for several months and then one day she turned up missing. We scoured the neighborhood for her but she was nowhere to be found. It was pretty disappointing for me and the kids! After that incident I decided there would be no more pets!

Then one day during a visit to my moms she mentioned some wild kittens in her back yard, and of course the kids went crazy again and wanted to take them home. I finally agreed that if they could catch one of them, they could keep it. They tried for two days to catch one but to no avail. The cats were so wild that if the kids got anywhere close they would jet off at the speed of light.

It just so happened around the same time, I stumbled across the PAWS website...and lo and behold they were looking for a family to adopt some cats. I talked to my fiance about the idea of adopting A cat from PAWS and he agreed. The next day I called Katie (from PAWS) and we met at the vet. She had TWO kittens for me, not one. A brother and sister (we assumed) who had been abandoned at Laulau beach. They were both being treated for eye infections and one of them (Moli) had to have an operation to remove one her eyes that couldn't be saved.

I told Katie that I had not expected for the cats to have to undergo surgery and that I would have to discuss the issue with my fiance and let her know the next day if we could take the cats. She somehow convinced me to take them home to meet the family and then give her my decision after that. Honestly, I was really hesitant about the whole idea. Several years earlier I had taken on a sick dog from a friend and the dog turned out to be much sicker than I had known. Hundreds of vet bills later and an emotional roller coaster of trying to save the dog from being put to sleep but not wanting him to suffer took its toll on me. I really did not want to go through that again and I assumed since this cat needed eye surgery, I may be getting myself into the same situation again.

Needless to say, I went ahead and took them both home that night and it was an instant attachment. Moli the female cat was soooo much like my daughter Mirika! She would walk around with her head held high as though she was the princess of the house, she was quite and reserved, but at the same time, the minute her brother (Uliuli) would mess with her in anyway, she would fight back and hard! Uliuli was a little trouble maker. Exactly like my son Savali. He would sneak up on Moli and pounce on her trying to get her to wrestle with him.
They were constantly playfully wrestling with each other (just like Savali and Mirika).

We were sold the 1st night and I haven't regretted a day since. Moli had her eye operation and has been doing great ever since! Both cats are an absolute joy to have around! It didn't hurt that they were both fully potty trained when we got them from Katie. The kids love em, we love em, my brothers kids love em...bottom line is, if your looking for a new pet, more pets, cool PAWS! I'm sure they will be able to hook you up!

An actual picture I caught one morning of Moli & Savali fast asleep on the couch.

Uliuli Introducing himself to the love birds.

Awww...brotherly/sisterly love!

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your cats are adorable.