Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saipan is the coolest place ever!

I saw this sign today...

Numerous questions popped into mind...

How much is that gonna cost me?? ha ha
How long will that take??? (Hope they are in for the long haul..)
Hey wait a minute, If they are going to make me beautiful, does that mean I'm currently UGLY??
What if a beautiful person walks in? Will he/she be refused service??
If I'm not Beautiful when I leave, do I get a refund?
Who decides if I'm beautiful yet or not? The cashier??

Soooo...I sat there for awhile contemplating if I should go in or not (actually, i was waiting for someone who had gone in the store next door..but that doesn't make for an interesting read)

Then I scanned further down the wall of this place and realized that not only can they make me beautiful, they can make "my smile more brilliantly" with "Teeeh Jewelry" ( I guess the sign maker ran out of lower case t's..he he)

This got me even more curious....

What kind of jewelry is it? Do they stick a real diamond to your tooth? Do they drill a hole first? or do they use Krazy glue? Could I do this myself at home? ha ha..What if the jewelry falls off when I'm eating and I swallow it? Will I die??????

I got myself all worked up wondering what would happen to me if I walked into that joint...would I really walk out Beautiful with brilliant teeeh jewelry that would make my smile more brilliantly????

but alas, my buddy came back from the store and we took off to our next destination, so I guess I will never know the answers to all my questions and neither will you.....

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