Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kids say the funniest things...

converstaion overheard between my son Savali (12) and his friend Devon (9)...

Savali : Hey Devon, come over here and try this salt and mango.

Devon : Whats that?

Savali : Its salt mixed with Kool Aid and you take the mango and dip it in and eat it.

Devon : *trying the mango with salt* Mmmmm! This is really good.

Savali : Yeah, but don't eat too much.

Devon : Why??

Savali : Because eating too much salt will cause kidney stones.

Devon : What are kidney stones?

Savali : They make your kidneys hurt.

Devon: What are Kidney's?

Savali : *pointing to his side* They are over here and I'm not sure, but my dad said they make your stomach hurt and you will pee blood.

Devon: *pauses, looks up into space with this bewildered look an his face and then says* Oh, my gosh, I think my mom has kidney stones!

Savali : *looking at Devon confused for a second till he realized Devon had no clue, and must have stumbled across his momma's "monthly visitor"* whu??ha ha ha ha!

Me upon overhearing the conversation : Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....*I almost peed my pants laughing!*

Guess you had to be there....he he