Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Do you know how much it costs to fly round trip to Guam???


That's absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!

We want to take the kids shopping for the weekend but can't swallow paying $944.00 for 4 tickets not to mention rental car and hotel accomodations...



Anonymous said...

I say take the $944 and go on a shopping spree on island..

Tamara said...

I doubt I could find $944 worth of stuff I wanted on island..

Finding a pair of shoes in size 13 1/2 for my son is virtually impossible.

Finding cute bra's and panties on Saipan...forget it!

Tupperware, buckets, mops, picture frames and pony tails holders I can find at Dolphin's,but I definitely don't need $944 worth of tupperware..he he

*sigh* Thanks for the suggestion though!

lil_hammerhead said...

It's ridiculous.. a 20 minute flight. That comes to $10.00 a minute! Total ripoff facilitated by a horrible business monopoly.

willymoku said...

Anonymous said...

There is no monopoly. Freedom Air also flies to Guam. It is more about market size and demand. And, of course the cost of fuel.

The Economist

Tamara said...

Freedom Air??? Do they fly to Guam?

I didn't know that..calling to find out how much now..

$183.00 round trip (with a short stop in Rota)..That's about $212.00 cheaper..30 seater that scary??

Anyone ever gone to Guam on Freedom Air before? How was it??? Let me know!