Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thoughts III

The week went by so fast I totally forgot to post this yesterday. Well, better late than never...

And since I am still trying to decide if I should fork out the mula to go shopping on Guam or just stay home, the question for today is :

Where is your favorite place to shop on island and why? (Make sure to tell me what kind of bargains I can get if I shop there and/or if they specialize in anything)

Comment now!!!


Tamara said...

My Answer :

For Household cleaners & Shampoo's - Dolphin's

For meat- Carmen Safeway. They have the best selection and reasonable prices and it's the only place I can find Cornbeef Brisket.

The only other place that has a great deal on meat is Payless on the marinated steaks. Once in awhile you can find a package of pre-marinaded steaks for about $7-9.00. That stuff is sooo delicious and super tender when BBQ'd!

For can goods- Kagman Market. They have pretty reasonable prices.

For Shoes- When I do buy shoes on Saipan which is rare, I go to Pure Colors in Garapan. The selection is very limited but they do have some really cute shoes and size 9 and 10 are always 1/2 off. Just my luck! So I can usually get a really cute pair of shoes for about $15.

Lewie Tenorio said...

For the best produce I go to the Tues/Sat Farmer's market.

Joeten & Payles for stateside/Korean produce.

For t-shirts, I run a race.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I like the $3 store for cheap name brand apparel.

Tamara said...

Oh yeah, the $3 store. You can find some pretty good bargains there too...just gotta inspect carefully for any factory defects.

They have pretty good cheap sun glasses for $8 which are perfect for someone like me that looses thier sun glasses all the time.
Cute earings that run from $3 bucks and up too.

I buy American Eagle t-shirts there for $5 and send them to my daughter in the states where they sell them for $15 :)

bigsoxfan said...

Yup, we're fans of the 3$ shop, or were. However, Erdene's sister is picking up some large sized warm shirts, as I write this.

Vegetables, I always liked the garden out back or the vegetable market and the truck mid-week. H-Mart is a decent standy and they carried corned beef at a good price, when they had it.

Shoes; I'm a size 13 and the payless at the corner by the Dolphin usually had something to fit.

Otherwise; BSF: call home.

Tamara said...

I wish my son would wear shoes from Payless.. He insists the ones with the swoosh on them that cost and arm and a leg last a lot longer...ha ha