Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on Tickets to Guam

Ok, Freedom Air flies to Guam round trip for $183.00 per person (with a breif 20 minute stop over in Rota). The plane is a 30 seater. That's not very big...

Has anyone ever taken Freedom Air to Guam before? How was it?

Imperial Suites has a special Deluxe Room and Car package for $90.00 plus 10% tax. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Anyone, gone to Guam lately and gotten a better deal?

Do tell!

Thanks and Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!

(Doesn' t it feel like the weekends are rolling around really fast lately? Oh, and why isn't spell check working anymore? Is anyone else having that problem or is it just my blog??? I NEED SPELL CHECK!)


glend558 said...

my spel chek isnt workin eiter

bigsoxfan said...

mi niteither, Always good for a chuckle Tamara. Hope you all make to the island of the big PX. Did you see the fruit and veggie section of the Hawaii supermarket in Dr K's post a few weeks ago? I just paid three dollars for three banana's. I wouldn't know a rasberry, if it bit me on the butt. A strawberry, well maybe, but that leaves a bigger mark.

Jeff said...

It is a hot, uncomfortable plane.

Rose said...

Imperial Suites is nice, and about the best deal going without a military discount over there. Not right the $95 fares are a thing of the past... it's a 20 min flight for crying out loud! If you are buying HEAVY/BIG items, you will want to go Continental. I think Freedom has a 50lb COMBINED weight max for checked bags. Continental is 70 per bag for elite memebers. BIG DIFFERENCE! I go alone and power shop, and Ross is CRAZY these days! Good luck & have fun! :)

lil_hammerhead said...

I love the Freedom Air plane. I swung to the right too fast one time and my elbow put a dent in the side of the plane. If it's goin' down.. I figure I can kick an escape hole.

A G Gatto said...

That plane is like a Sauna..

Dress lightly.

Also, be prepared to pay extra for your luggage.



Tamara said...

oh goodness, thank god I decided to take continental.