Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friday Food Fest II

Today I'm going to share one of my "secret recipes" with you, "Coconut Curry Ribs".
This recipe is soooo easy, and super delicious! My kids absolutely LOVE this stuff!

Recipe Ingredients

1 Family pack or Family bag of pork ribs. ( I usually get the ones that are cut really short like for soup, they are much easier to eat once cooked. I find that the bones in these ribs add a lot of flavour to this curry)

2 Cans of Coconut Milk

1 Package of Golden Curry (You can use another brand but Golden seems to be the most available on island and it comes in mild, medium and hot. I use the medium because I like mine a little spicy)

1 onion chopped

Recipe Method

Boil the pork ribs in fresh water for 1 hour or until meat is just about tender. (your going to have to test one of the ribs to check for tenderness. I have found that every time I make this recipe the length of time I have to boil the ribs to get them tender always varies..sometimes it takes half an hour sometime almost two. I guess it all depends on the quality of the ribs. Your going to boil them again for complete tenderness later.)

Drain water

pour in two cans of Coconut Milk and bring to a boil again.

Add half a package of Golden Curry mix and stir well. (If you like thicker or stronger curry you can add the whole package, if you like a milder thinner curry, just add one or two squares. Your best bet is to add one square at at time and stir while it dissolves, you can then add more until you get the thickness and taste you desire. If you throw the whole package in at once, there is no going back :)

Throw in your chopped onion

Allow to boil long and slow in the coconut milk curry until the meat is completely tender and practically falls off the bone.

Stir occasionally.

Pictured is Chicken Coconut Curry

NOTE : I have also used shrimp, chicken, and soft shell crab. You can totally skip the first step of boiling to tenderize with shrimp, chicken or crab (and with the power rates, that's a good thing). They all come out just as delicious..actually anything cooked in coconut milk and curry would probably come out Delicious..ha ha...

Bon Appetit!


bigsoxfan said...

Your're the bomb, Tamara. I can actually find all that stuff here. Matter of fact; I have a can of coconut milk and a box of golden curry in the cuboard right now. Of course, I'll be using mutton ribs, but that is just the way it is here.
I liked last weeks recipe, but shrimp are a bit dodgy here and I can't seem to find saffron or anything else for yelowing, except for some exceptionally nasty salty seasoning. Anyway, we'll be having ribs this weekend, thanks.
Wish I could throw a recipe back at you, but all my stuff is tailored to a cold climate. Here's a lead, though. If you like green curry, the spicy thai noodle resteraunt has a killer paste in the attached store. Green curry shrimp in coconut milk, my old standby at Wild Bills. Junie, I miss you so.

Anonymous said...

OoOoOoH...I PICK SOFTSHELL CRAB!! Thats what your cooking for me when i get home!

Deece said...

That sound so good!