Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Perfect Day


Boni said...

It sure does look perfect! Your kids were so well behaved, by the way, last night at 360. You must be very proud parents:)

G'ma said...

You should've 'framed' the Aquarius (at a distance) with your feet. Willy could've used it to advertise ABT...hehehe

Love Ya!

bigsoxfan said...

Sweet, Erdene says it takes an extra half hour for her toe nail polish to dry here. But.. she doesn't get the sandblasted effect.

Anonymous said...

Are those about size 12 or 13? bwahahahaha yust yokin beautifun!

Tamara said...

Boni= Thanks but thats sure not how they act at home..ha ha ha...But Im still very proud of them!

Mom= Funny!

Bigsoxfan= ha ha..I wouldn't have included them in the picture if I had just got a pedicure..he he

Annon= Size 91/2 and I like open toed sandals with a heel if you want to send anything my way..:)

Glad you all enjoyed my toes as much as I do!

"Majic" said...


great shot, btw. ^_^