Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Traffic? What's that?

7:30am, Beach Road on my way to work. Just another one of the many reasons


bigsoxfan said...

Quick! step on it and you can beat those cars before the road goes to one lane. Mind the manhole humps though, on a slick road they'll send the scooter towards the ditch. Faster, faster..

Oh what's the use. Slow down and enjoy the squalls over the lagoon.

Marc said...

I miss freeways, though.

Tamara said...

Ha ha..that's because your a "city" boy. I'm an "island" girl..I love having beach road practically all to myself sometimes in the early morn.

Marc said...

Fair enough...but I think it's more like how you feel about having Beach Road all to yourself. I just love the feeling I used to get while driving down the interstate at 3AM when traffic's light. Oh the freedom...not to mention occasionally doing it at close to 100MPH at time. ^_^