Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Thursday Thoughts II"

Update: I ate lunch at Truong's again today (Ulu's request) He had the New York Steak and it was $20.95. Still a good deal for such a delicious steak!

Today's question is very self serving because I love to eat out and sometimes I run out of ideas for where to go or what to eat, soooo...............

What is your favorite Restaurant on island and what is the BEST thing on their menu???

If you want to tell me more about their service, DO TELL!

Hurry now, comment!


Tamara said...

My answer :

Ok, even for me, this is a hard one.

As far as the "whole" dining experience, I would have to go with 360 because I just love the atmosphere of the place and the view is AMAZING! My favorite thing there (Although I have not eaten everything on the menu yet..ha ha) Would have to be the Beef Kelaquin. It's by far the best I have ever had on island. But for the record, everything else I have eaten there has been pretty good too! But Beef Kelaquin is my #1 pick.

Ok, that being said, the place I eat the most would probably have to be Truongs!

The spring rolls (fried and fresh) are awesome, the deep fried chicken and ribs are delicious and come in HUGE portions! The crispy fried noodles...YUM! But, my #1 pick at Truong's, the New York Steak (MR). It's a good size piece of mouthwatering Black Angus Beef, covered in mushrooms and onions that have been sautéed in butter and lots of garlic. It's served with a generous portion of steamed broccoli, a small side salad and of course, rice. I can't recall off the top of my head the exact price but I believe it's about $18.00-$19.00 which is very reasonable as far as Saipan steak prices. It's really delicious!!!

Ok, now I'm getting hungry..How many more hours till lunch????

Melissa said...

My favorite sandwich: The Tuna Sandwich from The Beans in Susupe. Delish.

I love Shelley's for pizza- beats the tar out of Pizza Hut.

And I also love Spicy Thai Noodle for their lunch buffet.

My favorite burger is at Oleai.

But my favorite is probably Coffee Care. Love everything there.

Tamara said...

I have never tried Shelly's pizza yet.

Oh, I love the sandwiches at the Beans too! I had a grilled cheese there once and It was sooo good! The name "grilled cheese" did not do it justice! :)

And Coffee Care, I don't get to eat there as much lately since its so out of the way, but I've never eaten anything there that I didn't like. My favorite- Thai spicy shrimp salad! YUM!

Jeff said...

For cheaper fare, the Chicken Curry at Taste of India is spectacular -- not the buffet version.

Giovanni's is by far the best restaurant on island, but that's a once in a blue moon occasion.

The lobster/steak et al pre fixe at Casa Urashima is great, but the service is weak and it is too hot in that place.

G said...

i love eating out. i had one of the best meals i have ever had when i was out there last time. check with tina for info on what exactly she ordered but it was phenomenal. it was a full 7 course meal. each dish was amazing. i don't normally eat. i finished every single thing that was placed in front of me. i can not believe i had lived out there for so long and never once tried dining at that restaurant. it was also very very affordable.

Tamara said...


I LOVE Taste of India too!

I think I just decided where Im having lunch today..ha ha..

I love the curry! But my favorite at Taste of India and a must with everything- Naan!

I haven't eaten at Giovanni's in ages...Guess there hasn't been a "blue moon" lately. :)

I have never eaten at Cafe Urashima. I heard it was pretty good. It never comes to mind when Im thinking of where to eat. Probably because of the location and every time I pass it, I think it's someones house..he he..How are the prices there??

Tamara said...


what restaurant??? don't leave me in suspense like that..ha ha

G said...

oops. it was a restaurant at marianas resort. i didn't catch the name.

casa urashima is also great.

lil_hammerhead said...

I'd recommend the chickenpops at Jollibbees, the breakfast burrito at McDonalds, the Chalupa from Taco Bell, the meatball sub from Subway, and for those special "fine dining" occasions.. the bisteak at Hafa Adai Bakery, Joeten Garapan.

Tamara said...


Lol! I have to agree with the Chalupa's at Taco Bell! The steak chalupa in particular.

Jeff said...

Urashima is not unreasonable at all. There are ways to do it cheaply, and there are more involved ways to get lots of good food like that lobster pre fixe with steak, pasta, salad and desert as well for two for like 80 bucks. My wife and I have done it a couple times, though not in a while.

I like the chicken sandwiches also at round two.

I think Wild Bill's has some good Thai food.

I love the garlic nan at taste of india, too. I'm not crazy about their buffet. Their curry ala carte is spectacular imho.

Masaman curry at Spicy thai.

The cheesesteaks at hamiltons rank high.

Try the bode jigae, military soup, at that korean place in san antonio, wal mi jo i think it's called.

The sunday brunch at fiesta is almost as good as hyatt and a bit more affordable.

The poki at porkies is good, too.

Tamara said...

Thanks for all that food 411 Jeff!

Wild Bill's has the best SOS on Saipan!

The Sunday Brunch at World Resort is pretty good too! They have some things that the other places don't have and the price is a lot less..$17.00 I think..Very good deal!

Anyone know where to get good Tofu? I love tofu but don't have a clue how to cook it..sometimes I crave it but the only place I have ever ordered it is at China House...Any place else?? Do tell!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

360 does have the best beef kelaguin, but Shirley's has the best chicken kelaguen.

I used to like the steaks at AJ's, but they are now closed. The chef is now at 360, so they may have that honor now, I just don't know.

Best service goes to the Hyatt. The only place on Saipan that follows anything resembling 10 steps of service is Giovannis.

Wild Bill's has some great tofu dishes, all of them Thai.

The best authentic Japanese restaurant is Kuri-ya. When you open the doors, you feel like you've been transported to Japan.

The dinner buffet at Aqua Resort on Friday is the best buffet on island.

Hard Rock is the most overpriced.

Tamara said...

Where is Kuri-ya??

I have never been to or heard of it, but I love Japanese food!

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Across the street from DEQ. I went there on Tuesday night and it was packed...with Japanese people.

That means it must be good.

Try the karikari potato salad and the deep fried local fish.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Can I make a blogger suggestion?

Call these posts Thursday Thoughts I, II, III, IV, V...and so on.

Then add a label called Thursday Thoughts to each of these posts. Clicking on that label will then pull up a unique url that shows all of the Thursday Thoughts.

lolo said...

(fyi i spell horrendiously)
Misoya in the Paseo de Marianas has a great miso ramen set. it comes with a delicious pork ginger over rice. one bowl of the ramen is enough for two people and ordering an extra pork ginger is all under 20 bux.

360 ambiance is great but the track was sticks in some places so you feel little jerks as you go around. i thought the food SUCKED ASS. My mashed potatoes were obviously from a box, the steak special was supposed to have hollandaise sauce somewhere but i couldnt find it. the veggies are frozen not fresh and the WORST PART was i ordered sauted mushrooms in garlic butter sauce and THEY WERE CANNED MUSHROOMS. WTF!?

Garlic Resturaunt in garapan has a spicy (not hot kind) ceasar salad. very garlicy.

coffee care is always good.

ever try the thai soup from that back yard hovel in san antonio? 3 bux enough for 2 people. it is secret though and you have to go with someone they know or they wont serve you. it is beyond excellent.

Casa Urashima is pricy but the food is WAY better than 360. WAY WAY WAY BETER.

Moby dick has a good dish of fried shrimp on the lunch menu. it is a HUGE helping and delicious!

Country House has one of the best hamburger steaks.

a good steak has to be at coco. and the lunch set is cheap.

and finally spicy thai has this spicy shrimp in coconut milk. it is jsut shrimp in a red sauce with the lime leaf sliced up. i dont know what it is called. try it. rich yum hot. ahhh...

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

The Vietnamese restaurant in Garapan has a great Pho dish for about $6, I think. It comes with a free refill of noodles. Best deal in town.

Tamara said...

Lolo, thanks for all the food info!

Angelo, I took your advice...hope I did it right. Thanks.

me said...

I agree with FYI that Misoya has great noodle dishes that two, even three, could share. I also always order the rice and pork dish (the noodle set already includes this anyways).

Saipan Bowling has a little secret. The Arozcaldo they serve for Saturday lunch is one of the best I have ever had...second only to Mother's own. It is great tasting, filling and costs less than $5.

The price of the shrimp fried rice at Shirley's has gone up but it is still a good meal since my family of 4 actually share a plate for dinner.

There is a good Korean restaurant in San Antonio (across from UIC) that serves great bulgogi dish. Missed the restaurant's name but it is great.

Cafe Urashima is great for when the Missus' bonus comes out...good food but somewhat pricey.

The Tepanyaki (order chicken) at the Fiesta for lunch is still very good.

And, the taco at Oleai is one of the best deals on island. If only they did not charge an additional quarter per taco for take outs.

me, again said...

Tamara, you come up with some of the best ideas for keeping blogs interesting (and civil).

Tamara said...

Thank you for all the information everyone! Now I have a lot of new places and new food I'm going to have to try out!

me, thanks for the commment. I'm glad you enjoy my blog!