Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Update : Yikes! Kyle asked me not to spread the word about bringing a guest because the meeting will already be jam packed with Chamber and HANMI members, so if you try and sneak in as a didn't hear it from me..ok...shhh!

This was sent to Saipan Chamber Members today. If your not a member of HANMI or The Chamber you may want to see if one of the members can bring you in as a guest...if your interested..


We have arranged with the Department of Labor a presentation and question/answer session to be held Friday, February 1 for all members of the Chamber of Commerce and HAMNI.

Those attending on behalf of the Department will include Deanne Siemer, who has been integrally involved in the drafting of the regulations, Labor Director Barry Hirshbein, Jeff Camacho of Enforcement, Alice Concepcion of Employment Services, and Department legal counsel Eleanor Nisperos.

This is a unique opportunity to receive a concise overview of the PL 15-108 regulations (which are scheduled to go into effect on that day) and to ask questions (and hear others’ questions) and receive answers from the individuals who have been responsible for the drafting of, and will be responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of, the new labor regulations.

This will be held at the Multipurpose Center in Susupe on Friday, February 1, from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

Kyle Calabrese


Mr. PNG said...

Chamberonomics XXXI…MLK vs evil

I attended Reverend Martin Luther King activities last weekend. I heard Cinta Kaipat, Senator Pangelininan, and Governor Fitial praised for their efforts making MLK day a CNMI holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. was the greatest American. Dr. Kathryn Takara spoke on the tenets of civil rights in the Pacific region. I thought about who will defend the tenets of human rights in our commonwealth.

I submitted comments to the CNMI DOL concerning PL-15-108. Cinta Kaipat, recently signed a letter to the editor of both Saipan newspapers titled “Hodges’ distortions shameful”. I read this, as did many current students, friends, family, and business associates. Federal Ombudsman Jim Benetto and human rights activist Wendy Doromal wrote responses to the fallacies and inaccuracies in the Kaipat signed letter.

A guest worker here received a letter from the US federally funded CNMI Department of Labor signed by NMI assistant AG Eleanor Nesperos. This letter was so strikingly like the Kaipat signed letter that they were authored by the same villain. Both letters can be read at { “Who is pulling the strings” by Wendy Doromal}

Nesperos confirmed that she signed and sent one letter but was not the original author. DOL head Barry Hirshbein told me he did not write either letter. All parties I discussed this matter with told me the architect was Deanne Siemer, who I do not know.

I asked many questions of DOL this week. I asked repeatedly who wrote the letters. Deanne Siemer did not answer or respond to over twenty phone calls. I don’t care about Cinta signing a letter she did not write, but I do certainly care that someone like Siemer would have authority to pass judgment for the decent people of the commonwealth regarding who shall be deported and when.

Can anyone in the commonwealth imagine such a person having power to deport the parents of a minor US itizen? I am asking US federal authorities to act and prevent this from happening. I would ask that guest workers not to comply with “orders” from DOL or Siemer until she is removed.

I don’t know who is protecting the tenets of civil rights in the commonwealth or the ideals of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. here, but it is not our DOL or Deanne Siemer.

Ron Hodges
Puerto Rico, Saipan

ps I loved the recipe!!

Last Weatherman said...

PS Pending on the decision from Sundays core meeting, there may be plenty surprise guests to meet Deanne!!!!