Sunday, January 27, 2008

R.I.P. Little Lady aka Moli

TRAGIC! Our one eyed kitty was killed this past weekend. We had let her out of the house as we normally do. I was going about my business inside and the kids were going about theirs. My son went to take some water outside for her and she was just fine sitting on her favorite perch. About an hour later we had just got dressed to go to town and were looking for her and she was not around the house. This was normal as she sometimes would walk next door and look around but would always come straight back home. We weren't going to be gone for long so we went ahead and left. About 1o feet out our driveway we found Moli laying on the side of the road dead. She had been hit by a car. Moli was never seen to go in the direction of the road before and had to cross a deep drainage ditch to get to the road way where she was hit. It was very strange. On top of that, the windows of my house had been open and I can hear pretty well the cars passing by. I never once heard the screeching of tires. No one stopped after hitting her to see if she had an owner. Whoever hit her just kept going. I felt really bad that the kids had to see Moli like that for the last time. I was and still am angered that someone would speed so fast down that road that they did not have a chance to react and maybe slow down or try to avoid hitting her. Yes, I realize that sometimes when animals are out on the streets or near the roads it may be unavoidable that they may get hit. In high-insight, I probably should not have let her out of the house ever..I guess I just never imaged that would happen to her. I have driven on this island for 20 years and I have never run over a dog or cat. Maybe I'm one of the few lucky ones. I see so many dead animals on the road, it obviously happens quite often. I have had a couple close calls, but fortunately I was able to safely slow down or swerve to avoid hitting the animal.

I wouldn't wish this type of pet death on anyone, but I do think if more people knew how sad it was for a family to loose a pet this way, they would surely slow down when driving and try to avoid hitting cats or dogs who may have ventured away from home.

We will miss our one eyed kitty.


Anonymous said...

So, would you say she was "blindsided"?

kilili said...

I am sorry for your loss, Tamara.

bigsoxfan said...

Pmpkn and I are feeling your loss. If there is one thing I don't like about cats, it is the inevitable burying. She had a good life with wonderful food (that is an assumption, but I'll bet an accurate one)

bradinthesand said...

she's still got eight more lives though, right?