Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Didn't???

Reliving the 80's

Who didn't want to attend the New York Academy of Performing arts and braid Leroy Johnson's hair???

Who didn't want to attend Eastland and go boy crazy with Natalie and Tootie??

Who didn't want to head over to the Reagle Beagle for a scotch on the rocks at happy hour with Jack and Crissy?

Who didn't want to be as sarcastic as Sophie when dealing with their kid?

Who didn't want to do hang out with Chachi over at Arnold's?

Who didn't wonder why Dr. David Banners pants didn't fall of like his shirt did when he turned into the incredible hulk?

Who didn't wonder if Kate and Ally were closet lesbians?

Who didn't wish they could macgyver as many things as MacGyver could?

Who didn't wish that Mork and Mindy would just get it on already?

Who didn't figure out who the killer was long before Jessica Fletcher did?

Who didn't wonder if Punky's mom was ever caught and arrested for abandoning her and Brandon at the mall?

Who didn't think Dr. Quincy was like the smartest man ever?

Who didn't totally want to go shopping with Monroe?

Who didn't watch Unsolved Mysteries religiously because you just knew sooner or later you would be able to solve one?

Who didn't wish they were as cute as Winnie Cooper and have a boy that looked like Kevin crushing on them?

I know I did...tell me I wasn't alone????? : )~


lil_hammerhead said...

I had a hard time finding anything on your list I actually "wished" for. :) I liked many of the shows.. not a chance in hell I'd want to see either Mork or Mindy bumping the uglies.

Tamara said...

Oh come now, don't tell me you didn't wish you could hang with toot n nat and talk about all the cute cavemen...ha ha

bigsoxfan said...

Who are those people. I remember the old guy in the bottom row from Mary Tyler Moore and Mcgyver is a god, but Chachi? Is that a drink? A sore on the bum from dancing in a wet bathing suit. Please expound. I may have to do a utube search on these People.

Tamara said...

Leroy Johnson- "FAME" *singing* I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly, FAME!

Natalie and Tootie- "The Facts of Life"

Jack & Crissy- "Three's Company"

Sophie- "The Golden Girls"

Dr. David Banner- "The Incredible Hulk"

Kate and Ally- "Kate & Ally"

Jessica Fletcher- "Murder She Wrote"

Punky- "Punky Brewster"

Monroe- "Too Close for Comfort" (See photo above)

Winnie Cooper - "The Wonder Years"

Lewie Tenorio said...

Ahhhh, Winnie Cooper...
Mmmmmm, Danica McKellar...
She was hot then and even hotter today!

lil_hammerhead said...

Chachi was the kid in "Happy Days".. he ruined the show for me. I hate when tv shows use ploys like kids to try to draw in new audiences.. almost never works.

Lewie Tenorio said...

Oh come on, Lil. Didn't you think the young Paku called Chaka in Land of the Lost was just so adorable? The monkey kid stole the show...

bigsoxfan said...

This has been an educational post. I think living through the age of disco forced me into a media retreat, which lasted until I heard about the Simpsons. I'm still a little scared, I only watched one episode of Seinfeld, until it moved into reruns. Thanks for the news. I hope I don't get a Chachi anytime soon, though.