Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weekend review

No battery was dead and I never got around to charging it (that's how lazy I was this weekend).

I adopted another kitten from PAWS. She's super cute! Will take some pictures today or tomorrow and post..She's a tiny grey and white little thing, but MAN does she have a HUGE appetite!!! I named her mimi. Why? Just because I liked the way it sounded and it seem to fit her. Later on Ulu told me that mimi in Samoan is when a lady uses the restroom...The name suits my kitty perfectly then because aside from eating she uses her kitty tray more than any other cat I have seen...he he he..

Went to brunch at the PIC on Sunday. As usual the food was DELICIOUS! My favorite is the banana crepes with almond slivers..I LOVE THAT STUFF! I ate way too much though, after that we went home and just layed around the whole day watching movies and videos.

Video's I caught this weekend :

Georgia Rule - Liked it.
Last Legion- Wasn't that great.
Superbad- Funny but I fell asleep half way through.

also watched Catch and Release on HBO or Cinimax (not sure which one) this weekend. I love that movie..Timothy Olyphant and Sam Jaeger are HOT!

Overall it was a quiet weekend, no kids (dad's weekend). They should get home tonight. I miss them!


saipan middle road said...

happy new year to you!

bruce bateman might squint harder to read your text Tamara. Gray text on gray background? ;-)

thanks for the comments for the past year!

Marianas Pride said...


I commend you for adopting a cat. I would too, but I'm allergic to pussy

...cats that is...haha!

Tamara said...

LOL..some things never change!

Melissa said...


Congrats on Mimi. I saw her when Katie had her, and boy, is she precious! She's got a lot of spunk. There's nothing like a little kitten to make you smile.